Hail Tuesday

On the way to work this morning we passed a pair of pink flowered Wellington boots lying on their sides on the pavement as if the owner had just jumped out of them and boarded a bus.  Just around the corner  a pair of chestnut coloured woollen gloves on the grass; carefully balled and obviously fallen from someone’s pocket.  Sad to think of the owners of the boots and gloves.  Hope they weren’t the same person.

The hail started when we were halfway there; huge icy nuggets that really meant business.  Inside the car with Real XS playing ‘Ballroom Blitz’ and us singing along.  The hail had turned to rain by the time we got to work and it was such a wrench to leave N, the radio and most of all the heated seat to dash through the rain and fumble with the fob at the security door.

Once inside I pass the Swagger and he glares at me and says “Look at this weather; my kids are having to walk to school in this weather, having to walk to school!”   Not really sure whether he is berating me for the weather or the fact that he is at work when he should be driving his kids to school – not my problem either way.

 In the office today

S and his flipchart  – stood in uffish thought with marker pen poised.

A’s Freudian slip – poor Mary Millington – got her mixed up with another Mary when talking to someone a bit important..

The secretary who kept notes on her fellow staff : how often they went out for cigarettes, how long they took for lunch and whether  they should be allowed extra time to put their lipstick back on after lunch.  No one asked her to do this but she wrote it all down in a polka dot ring-bound notebook from Paperchase.

If I ever want to get myself sectioned under the Mental Health Act – P has given me some excellent tips – hallucinations and inner voices are best – hmmm.

Senior management cuts and reshuffle – they have thirty days to weight it all up – we had it sorted in five minutes.

A day of laughter  and work accomplished followed by a shopping trip only slightly sullied by the outrageous demands of a hungry teenager.

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