Monday, Monday

In the office today:-

‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’ – Monkees

‘Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up smoking’ – Airplane

Glad to be at work on such a horrible day and gladder still that we have a new meeting room and don’t have to trek across the wind tunnel of a car park to sit hunched up in the portakabins, freezing on one side from the draughty windows and melting on the other from the hyperactive heaters.

The smokers were having a particularly bad time of it today – caught in the hail showers as they darted across to the relative safety of the designated smoking area (or fire exit with a slight overhang).

Zumba night – thirty women initially well-muffled against the cold wet wind, shedding layers of sporting clothing until by the end of the hour we are all positively glowing.  H’s enthusiasm is inspiring; the sight of her little face beaming and laughing at the front of the class is enough to motivate the couchiest of potatoes.

Cilla Black on  NMTB – too much ‘Surprise, Surprise’ but not bad on the whole and followed by the wonderful ‘Mongrels’

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