Windswept Wednesday

Less rain today but more wind and still the occasional machine gun rattle of hailstones.  Bumped into the Swagger in the corridor again this morning.  Asked – out of curiosity more than anything  – why didn’t he let his wife have the car to take the kids to school yesterday so that they wouldn’t get wet.  Apparently he did; he just thought it was dreadful that they had to walk 100 yards or so from the car because the school won’t let them park any closer.  I know I sound like one of the four Yorkshiremen but really – when we were kids we had to walk  half a mile to school.  There was no bus and we didn’t have a car.  I have vivid memories of spending the day in clothes and shoes so wet that they weren’t even dry by the time we went home.  All the kids were in the same situation though, with every schoolroom redolent with the scent of damp child and scorched pullovers that had been left on very hot radiators.

In the office

C had her interview and is now officially one of the team – not that any of us thought she wasn’t – but it means she’ll get paid a bit more and the snidey backbiters can stop making comments about her being given the job without an interview.  Lent her ‘Bridesmaids’ to watch on the weekend.  Recommended a large bottle of red and a Tena Lady.

‘Sybil’  – multiple personalities

More talk of going mad today – getting to be a habit

Fear and trembling  in senior management – they have 44 days (including 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year) to apply for their own jobs.  Bet it won’t be anywhere near as poorly organised and protracted as our review was.

Tapas for our Christmas night out on Friday – not particularly Christmassy and rather too soon for my liking but it’s a night out and we all need one right now

I now have beautifully pedicured feet with very attractive red nails.  There’s nothing quite like reflexology for making it all go away.  Sandra has well and truly searched my soles.

Caught up on episodes of ‘The Cafe’


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