Someone cleaned our fridge today – didn’t they?

Horrible day yesterday – well – most of it anyway.

Bright spots were: having Uni Boy home overnight so he could go to the dentist, discovering that Chris Addison was playing Stockport on Saturday AND managing to get tickets, not being at work and having a lazy morning with hub before he went to work.

Not so bright spots: forgetting to take drugs because I didn’t feel too bad – then discovering that I felt worse because I hadn’t taken the drugs – doh, College Boy still being in a bad mood from the night before, flumping around the house all day and informing me that he found an ant in the fridge so ALL the food would need to be thrown out IMMEDIATELY (a statement refuted by lovely Uni Boy who likes a nice bit of bacteria), not being at work and missing my chums, being at home when hub went off to work and worst of all – getting a not-so-good mark for the latest assignment – boo.

It seems that my latest tutor is in dispute with the OU over some of the course material – that’s fine – not a problem – except he marked me down for using OU material in my assignment – like the instructions tell us to!  He quoted some obscure piece of research from ‘The Psychologist’ back in Sept 2008 as his justification for marking me down. I had a slight impulse to send off a snotty e-mail but my boys pointed out that even with a lousy score, with three assignments under my belt I have already gone over the 40% pass mark – so what’s the point? I kissed my Uni Boy goodbye, I watched CSI and smiled again when hub came home.

I’ve had worse tutors.  the girl fresh out of Uni who had never practised social work and marked my assignments down because I had.  She also wrote illegibly and in the end I had to send off my essays for remarking – gained between 10-20 points on each assignment due to her inexperience – thanks chaps. I also had a tutor who waxed lyrical about critical social care practise but turned out to be a chartered accountant from Chorlton-cum-Hardy who dabbled in the OU as a hobby but had no idea about discrimination or deprivation – or lots of other ‘d”s that are thrown around in social care.

There was a big black dog hanging over me this morning as a consequence but I washed it out of my hair, hub and I have cleaned the fridge out together, Uni Boy is safely back in York and College Boy is happy because I just bought him some new jeans and a double entendre tee-shirt.  We’re off to M&S, hub and me for sarnies and a trip to the seaside at Kirby.  so wake up boo, there’s so many things for us to do.

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