Divine comedy

Well – the antibiotics are finally working and today  – I feel more like a human being than a giant throbbing throat.  Which is just as well as we are off to Manch tonight to see Jon Richardson at the Lowry.  I would probably have crawled over a few hot coals to be there tonight anyway  – but feeling better is a definite added bonus.

I have been the couchiest potato ever for the past couple of days, me, the cat, the TV and the Kindle.  I’m giving the Kindle a day off today because it is suffering very badly from delivering me some literature that I now understand is called ‘Mummy-porn’.  Ooh-err – in my innocence (can you get to my grand old age and still be innocent?)  I downloaded a trilogy from the Kindle store because it was cheap and it looked escapist and it was on the recommended list.  Flippin’ heck!  I blushed, the Kindle blushed – I didn’t dare let the cat look at what I was reading.  I had to escape and immerse myself in a cleansing dollop of Stuart Maconie’s  ‘Hope and glory’ in order to cool down. Lovely hub has found it vaguely amusing but has been equally immersed in his paintball stuff – not sure if they do paintball-porn?.

I did take a brief time out to watch the flypast yesterday  – not from any loyalist leanings – just for the planes and helicopters.  Lizzy went very slightly up in my estimation when she clapped the Hawks and the Red Arrows.  I only discovered my penchant for flying things when hub to be took me to the roof of the Queens Building at Heathrow on one of our first dates.  I watched Concorde  (and felt it ) take off.  It was another one of those moments:-))))

It’s okay – I’m chilled again now and revving up for a gentle trip to get some food stocks in as we’re going to need extra this week.  College Boy is back from his airsoft sojourn with a pile of dirty washing and Uni Boy is paying us a flying visit tomorrow so that he can get his dental check up.  Hub is back to work tomorrow and I am signed off for a week till I finish these drugs and my throat returns to normal – still got the sexy voice though – according to other people that is.

I will get  some writing done this week and stop reading silly novels that have too much bonking and not enough plot.  Meanwhile there’s always the  divine comedy of Mr R tonight.

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