The Ring Pull

Mike’s press releases appeared to have worked, together with a little persuasion from the local police; by the next day the road outside the house was clear again. The reporter from the chosen magazine and her photographer were able to walk into Diana’s house for the exclusive interview without any hindrance. There had been some rapid tidying up beforehand; Diana was wearing new dress with a pattern of poppies and cornflowers, and Danny put on a red polo shirt with his jeans. He said that bright colours came out better in photographs.

No shoes or socks of course.

Jane came in to observe and provide moral support but no Milo this time.  As interviews go, it was fairly gentle.  The reporter concentrated on Danny and Diana’s mutual attraction, and the fairly rubbish time they’d both been through in the past two years.  Debbie’s identity was still kept secret, but it was public knowledge that she was one of Danny’s employees, and as such, one of the family.

Halfway through the interview, the photographer spotted the ring pull from a drink can on Diana’s finger and zoomed in it.  The reporter wanted to know the significance, so Danny explained. “We were trapped in the house because of the media mob outside, so I had to improvise.  I could have asked my manager Mike to obtain an engagement ring and send it over, but one of the many things I’ve learned about Diana, is that she makes her own choices.   After twenty-odd years of being told what to do, choosing an engagement ring is something we need to do together.  I thought that coming to stay here for a couple of days was going to be torture; without my support staff, my big house – and the Bentley. Apart from Diana’s ex-husband, it’s been a great couple of days, and although I’ve learned more about Diana, I’ve also learned a great deal more about myself.”

“I’m rather fond of my ring pull, it’s a bit like Danny, rough round the edges,” said Diana. “Perhaps we can get one made up in a smoother and more permanent form, with a wedding ring to match?”

“Very romantic – you’ll be inundated with artisan jewellers eager to do the job once this article goes out. So, what happens next?” asked the reporter.

“We’re going to the house in the Cotswolds,” said Diana. “I need to learn how to be Danny’s PA for a start, the hospital where our friend is staying is close by, so we can visit and make sure that she’s getting the help and support that she needs.  We have the inquest on Simon’s death to get through as well. I understand that Danny’s housekeeper is transforming the furnishings of the house so that they are less white and sterile, and more homely. We’ll also be living nearer to my oldest friend Helen. She’s anxious to meet Danny and make sure he’s suitable for me.”

“You don’t want to stay here then?”

“My children went to school here and many of their friends still live here.  Jane will keep an eye on them – and Milo – for me, and my children have given us permission to come back and stay when we want to.  I feel that – provided we work at it – Danny and I can be happy wherever we are.”

The photographer got in a couple of very romantic, happy snaps before everything was wound up. The reporter said that she was more than satisfied with all the material that she’d been given.

“This won’t be the last interview though; people will want to know how you managed to tame the bad boy, Diana.” she said.

Diana laughed and hugged Danny, who was looking anything but bad at that moment. “He tamed himself,” she said, smiling happily.  “You can’t spend your life being angry and upsetting people. Danny turned a corner when he started to understand the importance of the other people in his life.  We make our own happiness with the people we choose to spend our time with.”

“Nothing else worrying you now then, Diana?” asked the reporter as she got up to leave.

“Just whether or not my old Focus will make it all the way to the Cotswolds, especially after having various members of the press leaning all over it.”

“If the worst comes to the worst,” said Danny. “Ted will come and get us and arrange to get the Focus home via tow truck. Or I could just get out and push it.  Anything to bring Diana home – with me.”


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