Horrible John

The scene of domestic bliss was interrupted by a hammering on the front door, and a voice that Diana knew only too well.

“Open this door at once, Diana!  I know that you’ve got that bloke in there with you, one of the neighbours saw you come back here in a big car this afternoon.  A Rolls or something.  What’s the deal with the ‘For Sale’ sign outside?  I haven’t given you permission to sell the house.  I own half of it after all.”

Diana raised her eyebrows and got off the stool.  Danny put a hand on her arm and shook his head.  He had read John’s texts and heard his voice mails; he had the measure of the man without even meeting him. Taking off Ben’s tee-shirt so that his rather impressive physique complete with battle scars was on display, Danny handed it to Diana, and went into the hallway.   Leaving the door on the chain, he opened the front door a few inches.

“You want something, mate?” he snarled.  “God, you are even more pathetic than I thought you were after reading that rubbish you texted to Diana.  Give it up, sunshine.  She’s found someone who appreciates her, and is a damn sight more caring than you.  The house belongs to your children, and you’ll get your half of the sale within the next couple of days.  In the meantime, get your sorry arse in gear, before we call the police and have you arrested for harassment. Oh, and it’s a Bentley, not a Rolls.”

Diana was hiding behind the kitchen door, clutching the tee-shirt and trying hard not to laugh too loudly.  She couldn’t see John, but she could imagine how Danny’s bare chest and athletic build would make her short, paunchy and balding ex, look and feel inferior.  He would never stand up to a man, especially not someone as powerful and infamous as Danny.  John muttered a few expletives, but turned around and stormed off across the road towards his car.

Closing the door, Danny turned around to face Diana and hoped that he hadn’t gone too far. One look at her trying desperately not to laugh was enough.  He took her in his arms and kissed her.

“I didn’t come on too strong, did I?” he asked. “My stomach muscles ache from being held in so tight.”

“You were magnificent! Taking your tee-shirt off was a master stroke.  John has never had what could be described as an impressive physique. I wonder which one of my nosey neighbours tipped him off?”

“Can I ask you a question?” he said, pulling her even closer.

“Anything, I’ll answer anything when you hold me like that.”

“Good.  Because I want to know where your ex used to sit in the front room.”

She took his hand and led him through to where a large winged armchair stood separate from the rest of the furniture.

“The master’s chair.  Even the cat wouldn’t sit on it in case he was yelled at.  Since John left, I have moved it slightly and even sat on it myself a couple of times. Why?”

Danny sat down on the chair and pulled her onto his lap.

“Because this is one of the many places where you and I will be making love, and getting rid of all the John-ness from your house.”

The very words sent a tingle down her spine, as his arm held her tight and his other hand tilted her face for a long and very lingering kiss. “Mm-m. Sooner rather than later it would seem…” he said with that slow and very sexy smile.

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