Oooops – the road to hell is paved with good intentions….


Oh dear – three days in and I have backslid (slided?) already

Not going to manage 1600 words today I’m afraid but I have ……

Done my hair and had a shower – and got dressed and all that

Played ball with Scooby in the garden – he got bored first

Gritted my teeth and smiled when Hub went off to work on Gap Boy’s motorbike – he texted me to say that he had arrived safely and when he was coming home again – phew

Baked some small potatoes and ate some of them – Scooby drooled

Did a huge pile of ironing – then forgot to bring it upstairs

Had several long and interesting phone conversations with Best Mate

Troubleshot (shooted?) an annoying problem for BM and solved it – hurrah

Caught up on the digibox programmes that Hub didn’t want to watch – more room for Jezza programmes – more hurrah!

Managed to watch Pointless Celebs, Strictly and Downton with the subtitles on because Gap Boy wanted to upbraid me about my dishwasher stacking talents

Shame about Tim Wonnacott 😦

Got Gap Boy to bring down his dirty crockery and cutlery so I could fill up the dishwasher (badly apparently)

I will try to be more productive tomorrow but I’m seeing my Phizard (osteopath with magical fingers), going to town with Hub afterwards, making a birthday card and wrapping presents for a lovely little girl who will be two next week, and packing up goodies for her sisters and brother

I lurve being self-employed 🙂

Get your red pen out Christine xx

One comment on “Oooops – the road to hell is paved with good intentions….

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