‘I’ve got my ten fine toes to wiggle in the sand’

This is going to be short but sweet as the PAM should really be packing suitcases and doing pre-holiday things rather than sitting here and letting me run amok.

Tomorrow night we may well be sitting outside by the pool looking at the stars and the mountains, sipping a glass of something more than a little alcoholic and feeling the stress of the day’s journey ebb away.

The big teen is staying home – he has exams at Uni first week back and his revision folders alone would take up the 20K  limit.  He’ll be fine – he has an Ocado account and a peaceful house.  His folks will miss him though.

Back to ME!

We saw another pod yesterday and after she had the temerity to attack me with an emery board (yes – the PAM and I jumped and squawked) she pronounced me fit and healed up. She confirmed that my nail is growing and that the PAM has looked after me very well (Oh – like I had NOTHING to do with it!).

The rest of the time since then has been spent in accumulating the various bits and pieces that will eventually get put into suitcases.  The younger teen and his friend have confirmed that they are packed and their suitcases only weigh 11k each – ooh smug.

The packing will get done – it always does.  The to-do list(s) are being ticked and as each gets completed another gets generated.  They will forget something though – they always do – I’ve made sure that all my important things are packed however.

There is no internet access at our destination but there is a swimming pool – the Kindles are loaded up with all sorts of goodies and for a week we are all going to forget about the past three months. Catch you when we get back.

Laterzz you guys x

I’ve got me ten fine toes to wiggle in the sand,

Lots of idle fingers snap to my command,
A lively pair of heels that kick to beat the band!
Contemplatin’ nature can be fascinatin’!
Add to these a nose that I can thumb,
And a mouth by gum have I
To tell the whole darn world,
If you don’t happen to like it,
Deal me out, thank you kindly, pass me by!

I’ve got me two great shoes that never saw a shine,
Trousers I can hold up with a laundry line,
A loverly patch that hides an awful lot of spine!
Shirt-tails flyin’, I’m a bloomin’ dandelion!
Add to these a grin from ear to ear,
And all the proper gear have I
To tell the whole darn world,
If you don’t like the assortment
Deal me out, thank you kindly, pass me by!

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