Toe hot ta trot – or walk very far – or stand for very long – and running is toetally out of the question

The old PAM is struggling a bit – I think she is grieving for the loss of her toe nail. Me too.  She worries too much.  Things will be better next year.

I did my best to cheer her up this weekend but the effort has made me a bit weepy and that has given her something else to worry about.  I blame the pod for saying “Three days without any seepage and we’ll consider it to be healed”. Oops.

I let her take me out shopping on Sunday; to the local garden centre to buy a few vaguely Christmassy things and some presents.  This enforced reliance on others does not sit well with the PAM; yes, she can buy presents on-line and have them delivered to the door but she likes to go out and look at things, pick them up and sniff them, touch them – weird stuff like that. The other half has a very limited window of opportunity for present shopping, once his eyes start to glaze over, the PAM knows that she has provide a diversion or get out quick.

I don’t help really; within half an hour of setting foot (ha ha) in a shop I start to complain. I just don’t like standing or walking, and she insists on doing both of those things.  Luckily the garden centre has a nice tea room – even if it was full of over-excited kids clutching their presents from Father Christmas.  Even tucked well under her chair I felt vulnerable as they thundered around the room clutching remote control cars, pink-cheeked dollies and craft sets. You can tell the cheap parents because they won’t let their kids unwrap the present, you just know that it will be going home to be hidden in the wardrobe till Christmas or given to some other kid as a last-minute present.

Oh, roll on Lanzarote and the bliss of a heated swimming pool to soothe me and my nine fine toemates, but it is Christmas first, and it is going to be a quiet little Christmas in this house with people (and the cat) not lost but gone before,  and everyone stressed and anxious about the future.

“What do you want for Christmas?”

“An end to all this crap.”

“Can you get that on Amazon?”

“I wish.”

Apart from when things get dropped on you – or you have to walk a long way – or stand  – or sit in a draught – life is much easier being a toe.

We’ve put the tree up though. It looks very pretty – even from this V-toe’s point of view.

One comment on “Toe hot ta trot – or walk very far – or stand for very long – and running is toetally out of the question

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